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Chemical Supply

UDO Pools-What we do: 

Our service mission is to deliver all chemicals needed to properly maintain your pool for one month.  On our delivery day, we test your pool chemicals and provide guidance to help you maintain a safe sanitized pool.  During our monthly visit we may add certain small amounts proprietary chemicals to include phosphate removers, algae treatments and stabilizers.  The pool chemicals we provide and leave on your property are designed to be added the same day on a weekly basis.

Keys to keeping your pool safe and algae free: 

Cleaning, Filtration, Chemical Balance. 

If one of these three components is missing, your pool will not be crystal clear and properly sanitized.

Cleaning:  Must be done weekly.  This includes removing all debris from pool.  If your pool has a tendency to collect biological debris, such as leaves, you may have to remove debris more than once a week.  Cleaning also includes brushing pool walls thoroughly once per week, with a good quality metal brush for plaster cement pools, and a plastic brush for fiberglass or nylon pools.  Vacuuming should also be accomplished once per week, if you install an automatic pool vacuum and it works properly, you may be able to forgo manual vacuuming.  Filters should be cleaned every two weeks for pools that do not have a screened enclosure, every three weeks for pools with an enclosure.  All skimmer baskets should have debris removed weekly.

Filtration:  Pools in the summer should have a minimum pump operation/filtration 8 hours daily.  Some open pools or pools with poor water circulation may have to run ten to twelve hours daily.  In the winter you may be able to reduce your pump running time to six hours, but if your pool looks cloudy or hints of algae growth, then the pump run time/filtration must be increased.

Chemical Balance:  It is imperative you preform chemical balances weekly, on the same day.  Consistency is the key to maintaining a beautiful pool.  Don’t be tempted to skip days or balance too often.  The process of balancing runs through a weekly cycle where the chemical levels change daily from the time you add chemicals until they dissipate throughout the week.

UDO Pools balance formula is designed simplicity with minimal chemical additions, focusing on great water quality and avoiding chemical oversaturation.

We provide:       5/1 test strips to monitor the most important water quality indicators.

Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine)

 3” Chlorine Tablets

Muriatic Acid

Sodium Bicarbonate.

Weekly you will be sent a message by text or email that today is the day to balance your pool chemicals and clean your pool.  You will need to allow about a half hour from start to finish for pool maintenance.

First we recommend cleaning filter if required.  Test chemicals and send reading to UDO Pools via text or email.  Once we receive your chemical pool readings UDO Pools will send back a formula to balance your pool chemicals for the week. 

Barring a natural disaster or a large addition of water (heavy rains), no other adjustments will be required during the week.

The whole process is actually simple, and with a few weeks of practice you will become a pool care pro.  We are always here for advice.  Feel free to contact by email, or text for fastest response.  Make sure you know your pool size in gallons when communicating with us, so we may provide you the proper chemical formula for any situation.


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