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Policies & General Information

General Information 

Access- By doing business with UDO Pools you agree that our employees are allowed on your property for the purpose of servicing your pool. Please provide easy access for our service personnel. Gates or doors should be in the unlocked or unstuck, and unfriendly dogs kept inside. Also we ask that children be kept away for the few minutes that it takes the tech to service your pool. If our service personnel cannot service your pool because of an access problem, he/she will leave a note letting you know he/she was there. We regret that we will not be able to return before the next scheduled service and no adjustments will be made to the bill. `

Service Days 

Our service is performed every week except Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks and Federal Holidays. Service personnel will add additional chemicals before the holidays to insure that your pool is chlorinated and balanced. Our service techs will insure that your pool is kept chlorinated and balanced at all times. If service is prevented due to weather conditions our service tech will review your service record. If he/she is confident that your pool will hold chlorine, no special adjustments will be made. If not, he/she will contact you to arrange for a special call. Your service day is assigned and we do our best to comply with that agreement. On rare occasions, we will need to temporarily vary your service day to account for schedule conflicts, for example, employee sickness and equipment failure.

Eye Irritation-Causes :

  • If the pool runs out of chlorine, bacteria grows. When chlorine actively kills bacteria, for example; someone urinating in a pool, may result in eye irritation for up to 24 hours.

  •  Large amounts of organic material added to the pool will cause eye irritation.

  • Inadequate filtering of the pools will cause eye irritation. The filter should be kept in good repair.



Filtration is extremely important. To be assured that all of your pool water has been filtered, the total water content of the pool must be pumped through the filter three time. One long continuous run of your filtration system of 24 hours or more is far more effective than short cycles. Your filter should be cleaned when the pressure indicated by the gauge on top of your filter indicates 7to 10 pounds increase in pressure above the clean pressure. Filters should be run no less than 8 hours per day.

Automatic Pool Cleaners-Due to the possibility of accidentally damaging a pool cleaner, our service personnel WILL Not remove them from the pool.

Solar Blankets-If you use a cover, you should expose the surface of your pool water to the air 50% of the time. Otherwise chemical do not react normally and balance cannot be attained. Your cover should be pulled back on service days. Our personnel are instructed to leave it that way.



We bill in advance for services. Any product charges are added to the next billing cycle. Statements are sent 3-4 weeks in advance of quarterly bill. Quarterly bill is due on date stated in billing statement.  If payment is not recieved in advance of quarterly bill date service will be discontinued.  Problems with billing need to be handled prior to the due date by calling the billing office at 321-453-7428. Customers on Autopay will receive e-mail statements at the time their account is billed, unless otherwise requested.

Returned checks :

There is a $50.00 fee for all returned checks. 

Conditioner :

Conditioner (stabilizer) screens out the sunlight. Without conditioner in the pool, the sunlight will take chlorine out as fast as you can put it in. Our service includes up to 30 lbs of condition per year. Conditioner never evaporates or dissipates. The only way a pool loses condition is through actually water loss, I.e. through splash out pumping water during backwashing of the filter and draining water to make room for rainfall or if the pool leaks. Our service personnel will notify you of each addition by door hanger. YOU SHOULD NOT SWIM THAT DAY.

Please, never add anything to your pool without first talking with us.

Algae :

Because some strains of algae are more resistant than others, please allow us a reasonable period to completely eradicate it. Keeping the pool clean, brushed with your algae brush, filter and or filter cartridge cleaned will aid in the treatment of algae.

Cloudy water :

This condition is a result of insufficient filtration or an indication of a problem with your filtration system. Make sure you are running your filter 6-8 hours daily.

Year round service- Our service is priced and intended for year round use. You are not required to sign any kind of contract or agreement. Even though your pool may not be used during the cool months, proper balance year round enhances the best quality, cleanest and safest pool environment for your equipment and swimming pleasure. All restart are subject to a $50.00 restart fee.

Adding or Draining water-Due to the amount of time it takes to add or drain water from your pool our personnel have been instructed not to perform this service. If you will be gone for extended periods, Please leave us a number of a contact person that will be able to attend to this, to safeguard your pool and equipment. We can provide this service at an additional cost. Please notify our office if you would like to have your pool drained and filled.


storm service-We will make every effort to service your pool as soon as possible after a hurricane or major storm. Please remove all large debris and any items that may have blown into your pool. It is not recommended that you put patio furniture or loose items in your pool during a hurricane. All such items must be removed before service will be resumed. Addition charges may apply. Also please remember even though you may not have damage, access to your property may be limited. Advanced Aquacare employees living in the area may have been affected by the storm, our equipment may be damaged, which could delay service. We do provide additional/special cleanings after major storms and or Hurricanes. Please contact our office to schedule this service for you pool. Rates for emergency clean are $40 and up, depending on the level of debris removal required.

Inclement Weather months

Rain dilutes chemicals in pools and contaminates water with farm/fertilizer waste run off. If you are a customer that has less than full weekly cleanings, it is imperative that you:

  • Run filter for longer periods, 8 to 12 hours daily
  • Brush! Brush! Brush! Scrubbing your pool as soon as algae presents itself, will quickly kill the outbreak
  • Remove debris as soon as possible. Clean filter frequently, at least 1 time per week until algae subsides

During periods of excessive rainfall, more than 8 inches within 30 days, an additional chemical fee of $15 to $20 will be added to each customer's account to cover increased chemical additive requirements. We are one of the few pool services that treats pools for phosphates as part of our regiment.

Pool parties and special events- If you are planning a pool party or special event we will be happy to do a one time or additional cleaning. Please contact the office at least one week prior to your event to ensure our personnel will be able to add you to their schedule. Additional charges may apply.

Service and repair contractor-If you have service or repair contractors working around your pool please instruct them to avoid leaving debris in your pool. Additional charges may be applied for a service call to clean up after them.

We thank you for your business and enjoy being of service to you. Should you have any question regarding your pool equipment and or of our service, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Thank You for the Pleasure of Serving You! UDO Pools